Supremes • Here's to Grapefruit!

Supremes • Here's to Grapefruit!

Since having (really) sharp knives in the house on a predictable basis, I've found that I'm eating differently and so are the kids. One of those changes are supremes. 

As I've shared these cuts with friends they've largely not been introduced to the Supreme cut. Straight up, think of a citrus fruit that has the pith and membrane removed from it, via cutting. 

It's easy after you know how:

  1. Cut a flat bottom (I cut on the non-stem side first)
  2. Set the fruit on that flat bottom and cut off the peel (all the parts you don't want to eat) in a cylindrical fashion.
  3. Now, for the fun part. With a sharp knife, cut the membrane out. Saying this in the positive cut only the juicy fruit part out (leaving all the membrane). 

If it's a grapefruit, I toss it in a bowl and add some sugar. If it's an orange I skip the sugar. The kids love it. 

Enjoy your supremes. Maybe you'll think of them next time you see those bright red logos of the NYC skate brand and just want to get a fruit and your sharp knife out to enjoy some citrus sans all the other stuff. 


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