How we sharpen kitchen knives

We like farmers, farmers' markets, grocery stores, kitchens, cooking and the tools home cooks use to be more successful.

No matter the tool, the human running the tool is actually the sharpener. We take pride in our craft. A wide range of practice, habits, skill, tools and techniques make the difference in your cutting edges and cooking experiences.


No two sharpenings are the same

We assess each knife for its specific material(s), geometry, edge health, and intended use. How to sharpen chef knives is different than how to sharpen a tourné knife. A plan is built to sharpen each knife to its potential and then we make it happen. 


By hand

We could use various home DIY tools but the results are lacking - so we sharpen by hand here in America.



As a guide, knives are sharpened on belts and finished on wheels. Each are deburred before being packed to ship back to you as a sharp knife. 


Serrated knives

We sharpen those too. Each tooth and serration is attended to individually. 


Quality Control

There is only one customer's knives open per bench at a time. This keeps your knives your knives.



Metal is hard. Sharpening is simply the act of using something harder to remove material to build a cutting edge. We use rough tools all the way down to 60 grit and up to 3500 grit in our sharpening process. 



You'll love your knives or we'll sharpen them again for free. It's that easy. After that if you're still not happy we'll give you your money back. Just let us know no more than 30 days from return delivery. 


What Next? 

Great question, order your knives sharpened to receive a sharpening package in the mail. We'll pay for shipping, insure them in transit and turn them around sharp!

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Note: Use your honing rod (steel or ceramic) on your knife blades between sharpenings to extend their edge sharpness. Once you have dull knives send them to us. We sharpen kitchen knives