Welcome to Vivront
We love to cook. BTW, It's so much better with sharp knives.

You’ve found a kitchen place ready to sharpen your knives - even easily by mail.

At Vivront we love to bring vibrancy to kitchens, meals with family and friends, gadgets, goodies and primarily sharp knives via our mail-in sharpening service. After all. The sharpener, "near by," is actually in your mailbox and your USPS truck with 

We started Vivront (It's French for “they will live") with the observation that dull knives are in nearly every kitchen passively working against home cooks and cooking successes. We set out to make it as easy as we could to sharpen your knives with your mobile phone. 

No one buys dull knives but nearly everyone puts up with them. Let's make it easy to change that. The current sharpening models are broken for ~95% of our households that have dull knives. With regularly serviced knives, meals at home are easier, more joyful and take less time. We make having well serviced kitchen knives really easy. 

Further, with each sharpening order you, your friends and your family make you also support bettering school lunches - primarily by paying down individual student nutrition account balances. 75% of schools report debt on their student accounts. The average debt is $170. And, it follows students from year to year to graduation in many districts. Together we can make meaningful impact on that debt as well as enjoy our meals at home al the more. More details on school nutrition debt challenges here



The Give Back Program
It could have been "Free" Lunch. 

Our founder, Joseph, very gratefully grew up with "reduced" lunch. Things were tight. He resolved to one day build a company that would work in support of school lunch efforts for awareness and in paying off school lunch debt. With Vivront, that day is today.

Generating Funds

For every kitchen knife set we sharpen we also donate to our partner districts pay specifically pay down student account balances. When schools run fundraisers the amount per order increases. We're glad to to help out, it's our mission. Join us by running a fundraiser or simply by sharpening your knives with Vivront


So, how do we go about all of this?

We’re a bit like a poodle in that we’re pretty attentive but also really eager to be with and help people.

If we had a famous spokesperson, it might be someone like Mrs. Paltrow, because she engages the world aspirationally, with authenticity and intentionality.

If we picked out the perfect outfit to represent us, we would be wearing a hip-ish apron (you know the one), over a white or black shirt or dress and a pair of simple kicks, in the kitchen with confidence.


5 Vivront Beliefs

  1. Vibrant cooking = cutting (not smooshing or tearing) nourishing food.
  2. Knives are for food. Box cutters are for packages.
  3. Food supports family and community.
  4. Better lunches drive better minds.
  5. Job skills drive vibrant lives.


What Now? 

We're glad you asked. Order your knives serviced and we'll ship your return sharpening package ASAP. This is true for home cooks and for restaurants too. We'll pay for Priority Mail shipping (three ways), insure them in transit and turn them around sharp, guaranteed!

Happen to be in the western Twin Cities metro? Stop in and see is in Wayzata.

Or, at minimum, join our email list via our footer. We share stuff like how to sharpen knives, how to keep your sharp longer and more!

It's great to meet you. Welcome again.