Kitchen Skills Classes

"Folks do the best they know how until they find a better way"
—Chef de Cuisine 

Knife Skills Class

Master the Art of Culinary Magic Before the Flame! 🔥🔪

Cooking is more than just heat - it's a journey that begins with planning and skillful slicing. Experience the joy of cooking with our expertly crafted classes, where we sharpen your knife skills and teach you safe, yet fun techniques.

Say goodbye to "Oh no, not another onion!" and hello to "Bring on the onions, let's dice away!" 🎉 Embrace the thrill of slicing and dicing like a pro, and let's embark on this exciting culinary adventure together. Join us now and unlock your potential in the kitchen! 🌟"

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Current Classes

Knife Skills

Learn kitchen knife skills and increase your kitchen confidence with friends at our Wayzata store.

More Info Available Here.

Introduction to Kimchi

Kimchi @ Vivront

Enjoy an informative class that will both focus on making Mak Kimchi as well as improve your kitchen knife skills. 

More Info for Kimchi Class Here. 

Introduction to Japanese Knives

Learn about the shapes and intentions behind Japanese kitchen knives. For now, view our Intro to Japanese Knives post here. Class details are TBD. 

A Whole Class?

Interested in a class in your home or community room? Maybe a class just for seniors or teens or school nutrition professionals? Contact us with a commitment for 8 students and we'll discuss details. Contact Vivront.