How sharp can my IKEA knives be?

How sharp can my IKEA knives be?

Short answer: As sharp as tools can make them. And, that's sharp. 

Check out this video of an IKEA chef's knife that was recently sharpened. It's cutting supremes from a grapefruit with ease. Yum. It was sharp! 

So, what's the deal with entry level (cheap) vs expensive knives? Knife makers have a trick to balance the metal type with how long a knife can hold its edge.

Less intentional metals (e.g. those that are thin, single layer, basic metal composition) and typically less expensive knives (stamped vs the more expensive forged and/or tempered metals) are constructed with techniques that can be made sharp but will have to be sharpened more often than others to maintain their edge. 

So, send us your kitchen knives, all of them. We'll make 'em sharp via the mail regardless of the maker.

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