Deli Containers FTW

Deli Containers FTW

A friend of ours sent us this hack. 

Then, buy deli containers from Amazon.

If your current containers are like ours:

  • the lids are not universal and leave you silently cursing while you hunt for the “right” lid
  • there are remnants from 3 different styles that leave you silently cursing to yourself while you hunt for the “right” container
  • they stack like a game of tetris on level 13 - not an easy to accomplish brainless activity in the kitchen after a long day

    These three sizes (8 oz., 16oz, and 32 oz) have been fantastic.

    Snag them (or ones like them) on Amazon. Go ahead… do it now. :)

    Highlights of our deli containers:

    1. The lids are cross functional
    2. It’s easy to see what’s inside
    3. It’s even easier to stack these in the fridge
    4. They clean up easily
    5. They can be easily recycled if they break

      And, you’ve seen them in our photos on Instagram for months.

      Happy Cooking! 

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