Blow some money on Amazon

Blow some money on Amazon

 I received this message upon returning home from holiday.

"If you had $100 to blow on kitchen stuff on Amazon what would you buy?"

I went to the kitchen and looked around at the tools and NONE of them were inspiring enough to recommend. You know what was? Containers. Yep. How strange is that? I didn’t see that coming.

So, we all can use a little inspiration. Maybe one of these will help you spend your next $100 on Amazon.

Bit #1

These wine glasses are delightful to hold and sniff with. Really. Gabriel-Glas makes ‘em and apparently they are crystal. Available for $66 for 2 or in a pack of 6 right now on Amazon.

Bit #2


We all need a carafe. You put your water in there, or whatever.

Consider this crystal one from Zalto. It’s not currently available on Amazon. Search “Zalto Denk'Art Carafe No. 75 Hand-Blown Crystal Wine Glass” in the Google machine. Then grab the size #28 cork plugs to keep the bugs out (Amazon).

Bit #3


This Japanese style double (1oz, 2oz) jigger by Viski is a favorite in the house. It both cleans easily and is visually clean. There are partial oz measurement lines inside the two sides as well. For $9.99 you can get two of these and still have $80.02 for other things.

An extra bit


After drafting this post and returning to edit it I noticed I forgot our favorite summer wine glasses. Grab a set of 4 of these Govino shatterproof and recyclable glasses for the patio - now just $24.95.

On Your Way

Hope these were inspiring. :) Enjoy!



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