#01 What we ate last week

#01 What we ate last week
A frequent reader and all around solid guy, Paul, sent an issue of a recipe newsletter that he recently received. His suggestion was that Vivront has a chance to be about what you do with your knives vs simply sharp knives. We agree.

We’ve been using different words but thinking about the Vivront in a similar way. Can it be about sharpness. Yes. But, for what? Vivront also has a chance to be about confidence and inspiration in the kitchen.

On Instagram we aim to inspire nearly daily with our simple shots of food. But, is there a more interesting way to do similar with our community in a more personal channel like email? We think so.

So, we’re starting a series “What we ate last week” as a summary and inspiration tool. It’ll be via email and go out to subscribers to vivront.com’s newsletter list.

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Here’s the first issue.

Last week was a special week. We were just finishing up wondering Paris, each for a few days. Here are three things we ate on our trip.


On our second day in Paris, our youngest got a sparkle in his eye while reading the lunch menu. He asked “Can I get an omelette, french fries and a Sprite?” I said yes. He glowed and proceeded to try to order the same thing at every meal thereafter. Oh, the joys of travel. :)

He snagged his first on Île Saint-Louis at Le Lutétia.


There is this crepe place in Le Marais called, Breizh Café. It’s pure silliness. Just go. Order anything. :) Enjoy!


Sticking with the island theme we had this mussel and fry combo at La Chaumière on a preceding day. I asked for more BREAD and worked to the bottom of the pot with astonishing speed. Oh my!


May you find inspiration in the taste pallet of an 8 year old. We’re thinking of getting an airfryer so we can have warm fries with omelettes at home!

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