No more money for kitchen knives

No more money for kitchen knives

"Hey, Tara."

"No more money for kitchen knives?" 

Answer: It depends :)

Tara has been working in and around the kitchen knife industry for decades and has a wealth of knowhow to share.

Check the video below or scan the transcript for context on spending money on kitchen knives.

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Transcript follows:

Whoop Tara, we're going to go ask Tara. He asked me, Hey, waving. Oh, Renee's back, Renee. Uh, okay. Tara. Hey Tara, my buddy's wife told him he can't spend any more money on kitchen knives for awhile. Uh, what do you have to say to that?

It's sad. It's sad.

I'm the only one that is buying knives in my marriage. Right. But that was because I have an interesting life. Right? Honestly relate. Knives and things that you're using. Right. And you're like actually studying and learning about and engaging with, to the same things that your wife is studying and learning and engaging with like fashion or whatever they're using too. I could be electronics like the new phone person.

Maybe it's like relating those things to why you're interested, what it is and that it's a tool.

Now, if you're you're buying addictively, that's a fair assessment in any marriage. I talked to two spouses, whether it, whether it's men or woman, I talk to spouses when they don't particularly have a lot of that in the knives, or maybe they're not the predominant user, but they also don't understand why somebody is actually studying and learning about choosing a new knife. A lot of times it's just a matter of explaining that where it's not just, Hey, I'm not just collecting, you know, or just randomly.

I get it. Now, I will say there's times when I backed the wife, because we have personality purchasing going on with knives and their excitement level. And there's a lot of knife groups that are very friendly to people that are excited about knives and they encourage each other there's times. But I absolutely should not say any more about that, actually.

But yeah, I mean, I, I get, I guess I see both sides usually of, if it's a smart purchase, explaining to somebody, like explaining to your partner, why, why it's a smart purchase and what you're going to do with it. And if I, like, I think one of my bigger things. If your partner has no idea why you would be spending money on those knives, you're actually missed a big opportunity.

Sure. To share, right. That's not to explain, not explain, but to share.

Yes. Well, you know, the wife can't use my knives, you know, it's like, I mean, think about it in my relationship. He used his knives and he's fine, but he has his own set.

Yeah. That's really...

That he doesn't have to worry about, you know, it's like it and he can use my knives.

It's just typically like the main knives are traveling with me full assortment there, and he knows what he can go grab or whatnot because truth, those knives are selected and found for reasons that in some cases I could not replace.

Oh, Right.

And so, you know, not everybody's at that point collection, but if you really care about, so you're gonna want it taken care of.

Yeah. Well, it's something that's new. I mean, we're newer into the knife world and you've been so delightful and sharing with us. We've had a set of Globals, for like 20 years, right. And our first set was Target. Cause we got married when we were silly young, just young. 20 years, this year, we've been married, which is fantastic.

And it took 20 years for us to have enough knives around the house for the kind of observations on... "I don't like that knife" to come out. Right. And then we're like, what are you talking about? I love this knife. And I stopped and went, wait, buying nice sets. And assuming that it's going to work well, or be enjoyable by a large human and the smaller human is not something I'd ever considered before.

And suddenly it's like, well, Maybe I'm buying knives because I want for you to have one

But in truth, if somebody is like adamantly saying, I just don't understand why you're buying another knife and you can't spend any more money on that. Like, as long as that person understands, like why you're buying those knives. Right. Okay. As long as you're able to lay the groundwork legitimately use and you've started picking up some new course or you want to take on, uh, classroom.

I get really basic things and I just want to make sure they roll out with like five things that they can now do safely that didn't know how to do. Because knife skills class, doesn't teach everything about knife skills. Your knife purchase typically is not going to be your last knife purchase. If you're getting into knives, you know, and like global.

Yeah, I can go on about that whole history.

Well, we won't, but thank you. I mean, uh, what I heard you say was check and see what other hobbies there are. Maybe pick some balance in equilibriums and, uh, and I wove in that notion of not every knife is good for everybody in the household. So.

Even, even, even smaller humans will have word. They like it. And it's funny when you start watching it, you realize, wow, this is so, so different, you know?

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Well, thanks for the tips like, and follow. If you like these ones, we got more.



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