Knife sharpening repair

Knife sharpening repair

Opps. Sorry to hear it's broken.

Let's see what we can do to fix it. 

In general, a knife repair for a chip or a broken or bent tip is simply about reprofiling. That is the act of removing a bunch of material to create a totally new cutting edge on your knife. 

In the case of a chip, the edge on the whole knife needs to be removed to equal the depth of a chip. In a bent tip situation, attempts can be made to straighten the tip. In most cases a new tip and profile will be cut behind where the old tip and profile was on the knife in order to repair it. 

Check out our keep your knives sharp post for tips on extending the sharpness between sharpenings. 

Order your knives sharp by our craftspersons via the internet and regular old USPS mail. Use any mailbox "near me." We'll ship you a knife envelope/box and get 'em back to you sharp ASAP.

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