Knife sharpening mistakes, top three

Knife sharpening mistakes, top three


CarrotsWhen we started sharpening we made numerous mistakes. Here are our top three early mistakes. We hope you can skip right over the pain of the process we went through and get right to sharpening better faster. 

Early on:

  1. We did not create a burr on the lowest grit before switching sides or moving up a grit. This wasted hours of time over and over again. Our efficiency and effectiveness significantly altered course for the better as soon as we nailed this fundamental first on every knife. 
  2. We thought we kept the knife at a constant angle on the sharpening stone. We swore we did. Then we watched video of ourselves sharpening. Ha. The angle was all over the place, varying from the top of the stroke to the bottom of the stroke. It's a tricky skill. Don't kid yourself. Make sure you hold or learn how to hold the angle. 
  3. We forgot to hone. When we first got all our sharpening tools we just sharpened and re-sharpened the edges. It takes more time to do this and it takes more life off the knives than needed. So, now we hone again in between sharpenings.

Again, we hope you can save some grunts in your learning process and put these three nuggets to use. 


Order your knives sharp by our craftsmen via the internet and regular old standard USPS mail. Prices vary depending on the number of knives per order. Shipping, insurance and tracking included. We'll ship you a knife envelope/box and get 'em back to you sharp ASAP.


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