How much does it cost to get knives sharpened?

How much does it cost to get knives sharpened?

Great question

We've seen sharpeners charge as little as $1 an inch and as much as $15 per knife. 

Cost can vary by the area in the country you are requesting the service, the sharpener's offering and the service level you're receiving and what you're sharpening. 

In some areas of the country sharpening is more expensive than others. In general, take the coasts and the urban areas as the more costly areas, and the middle and rural areas as less costly. However, that does not equate to sharpness necessarily. More often than not the cost of the knife sharpening has to do with the economics of different areas.

Some sharpeners charge per knife type. Others charge per sharpened inch and/or knife type. Still others charge a flat rate. Check with your sharpener to get a rough estimate. 

Sharpeners can offer drop off and pick up hours, typically during business hours. Others offer drop off and pick up service via drop boxes. Still others offer shipping service. And a select few will send you knife packaging via mail so that you can mail your knives back to them for sharpening. 


Order your knives sharp by our craftsmen via the internet and regular old standard USPS mail. Prices vary depending on the number of knives per order. Shipping, insurance and tracking included. We'll ship you a knife envelope/box and get 'em back to you sharp ASAP.

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