The best knife sharpener is the one you have with you

Hey there, home cooks!

Do you know what the best knife sharpener is? It's the one you use! As a home cook or a chef, having sharp knives is essential. However, many of us tend to neglect sharpening our kitchen knives. Just like with cameras, the best knife sharpener is the one you have in your kitchen or even in your travel bag or knife roll. You wouldn't believe how many house rentals across America have dull knives, so having your own sharpener with you is always a great idea.

But why is it so important to keep your knives sharp? You may have heard the phrase, "a dull knife is a dangerous knife." That's because a dull knife is unpredictable, and when you have to use more force to make a cut, it can result in an erratic set of events. That's why it's important to have a good knife sharpener, one that you actually use. While honing rods can help keep your blades sharp for longer, they don't actually sharpen your knives by removing material to create a new cutting edge.

So, what are the different types of sharpeners out there? Let's take a look:

  1. Stones: Sharpening with stones can be a meditative experience, and it's definitely a skill worth learning. However, it takes more practice than most people are willing to invest, and it can be messy.

  2. Pull-through scrapers: These tools are easy to use and store, but they can lead to inconsistent cutting edges and damaged cutting profiles.

  3. Powered sharpening tools: These tools are durable and can create complex geometries on cutting edges, but they generate dust and noise, and they have a steep learning curve.

Now, let's talk about some maintenance tips for your sharp knives. Consider honing your knife each time you set up your cutting board and get out a knife. Also, keep your knives in dry storage or on the cutting board, not in the sink or dishwasher. Finally, use cutting boards made of end grain or softer woods, not glass or other hard materials, to protect your knife edges.

Remember, the best knife sharpener is the one you have with you, so learn what makes a sharp knife sharp, and use the tools at your disposal to maintain or create sharp knife edges.

Happy cooking!

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