Get your knife aid

Get your knife aid

Get your knife aid

Who needs a knife sharpening service?

As it turns out, nearly everyone needs a knife sharpening service. Knives sit in our drawers just waiting to work against us during food prep and home cooking adventures. Why? Because they are dull from all their previous use.

While we get new tread on our vehicles when our tires go bald it's just too much of a hassle to get our kitchen knives sharpened or to sharpen them ourselves. Yet, it happens every day. This is true for a paring knife, our chef knives, our Japanese knives, our serrated knives, our santoku knives and more. They're all going dull.

Keeping a sharp edge on our cutlery is just not our thing. It's general knowledge in the industry that ~90% of American households have never had their knives sharpened. That's only 10% of people that know the satisfaction of getting their knife aid and all the joy that a sharp edge can bring to you while cooking.

Why is knife sharpening hard?

It's hard to get good at something you practice once or twice a year. Most of us have a hone but it is not a sharpener. Ceramic and steel knife hones will straighten a bent edge but neither will create a new sharp edge out of a rounded one.

While stones can make a razor sharp edge they take even more practice than once or twice a year. They're tricky. Softer steel can make grinding an appropriate bevel angle a little easier on stones. However, it is not uncommon for novice stone users to take 2 hours per knife. Ofda.

Why seek professional knife sharpening services?

Like all specialities, there are a few folks in most cities that practice sharpening daily, have professional equipment, see all types and brands of knives, offer repair services and can deliver you a quality sharpening experience. They'll know how to sharpen your knives appropriately.

Professional sharpening can be hard to find.

There are only so many sharpeners in America and it's a contracting industry. If you're lucky enough to have a local knife sharpener it's often the case that their turnaround time is more than one week in our experience. The lines are long. So, what about another way?

What about a mail in knife sharpening service?

That's a great idea. :) We're a sharpening service accessible by mail. We offer a package designed for more than safe knife shipping (exceeding shipper regulations) to help make the whole process easy. You won't have to invent your own packaging to receive sharpened knives back in the mail. Just order from

When considering the time it takes to drop knives off you'll find the best value in a sharpening service by mail. You won't need to contact a sharpener, get behind the wheel and drive there to drop knives off only to wait a week for your service to be complete and a few more days before you're free to run the errand back to pick up your blades. Why double the job?

Your kitchen can have freshly sharpened knives with a simple tap or click of a few buttons on our shop. We'll aid your process by sending you an empty package (cost included), with a prepaid return label (price paid by us). Simply pack your knives and drop them back in the mail. Sharp knives will come back via Priority Mail.

Join the home cooks and chefs around the country that have already found Vivront's great service. Maybe one of them already told you about us. That's been commonplace.

Either way, welcome!

We look forward to serving you!

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