Finding a knife sharpening near me

Finding a knife sharpening near me

Finding a knife sharpening near me

A knife sharpener in your mailbox? It doesn't get more "near me."

Who needs to go to stores any more?

It's so true. No one needs to go to the store. Plus, the years since 2020 have proven it all the more. Services, even local ones, deliver overnight, same day and sometimes in just a few hours - often for less than a few dollars. And, we can order from our phones.

So, what can't we get shipped to the house? How about a sharp knife?

Few of us can find a knife sharpening store "near me"? There are only so many and the country is large. And if we do find one, it's seldom the local errand that seems worth the time. Knives keep becoming dull knives across America. ~90% of Americans leave chef knives to go dull, along with the knives in the set. There must be a better way. It's post 2020 afterall. Can we order a sharpening service with our thumbs?

Do you offer knife sharpening services via the internet? We do.

Use your phone or computer to order your knives sharpened

Skip the store. You can have sharp kitchen knives without leaving home, without buying new ones and without tossing yours in the trash. Save the landfill! Simply purchase sharpening from the website - an online kitchen knife sharpener. You'll realize the timesaving benefits of our mail in knife sharpening service. There is no need to come to the local store in person. Access sharp knives with a few clicks. We even have apple and google pay if you'd like.

Fill the package with it arrives

We'll ship you empty packaging as the first step. Simply fill it up with your dull knives. Clear instructions for packing your knives are inside. Stick the prepaid shipping label on your package. Drop it in the mail for knife sharpening.

Knife sharpening service

We'll sharpen your knife blades and return them as soon as possible - often same day of arrival.

We'll run your knives through our custom professional sharpening process with in 24 hours of their arrival at the shop. The skill of our craftspersons matched with our professional tools and equipment will bring quality results right back to your doorstep.

Our knife sharpening services extend beyond simple sharpness. We repair minor broken tips and chips on your cutting edge as part of standard service (free of charge) and get you back to slicing and dicing with your metal edges in no time.

Save your knives from the landfill and send them to us. Odds are well more than half of their life span remains. We'll put a straight edge back on your chef knife blade and all the others too. Save money. Shipping included. Order kitchen knife sharpening "near me" today.

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