The Brubacher Edge Sharpness Scale (BESS)

The Brubacher Edge Sharpness Scale (BESS)

What does it mean to have a sharp knife?

The Brubacher Edge Sharpness Scale (BESS)

This sharpening scale (e.g. BESS scale) graphic is an easy-to-use scale that will help you know how sharp your kitchen knives are.

A butter knife measures approx 2000 grams. New knives will measure ~300g. 

Pair this scale with a max force and hold scale

Consider an Edge-on-up scale to determine sharpness or edge radius on your sharper edges. 



What does it mean for a kitchen knife to be sharp?

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You can use this scale with nearly any knife - even a utility razor blade. Simply place the blade against the uniform poly string (media) and press down. A higher number is a duller knife. A lower number the sharper the knife. 


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Check out YouTube for lots of examples. 


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