Cut Avocados Twice

Cut avocados twice

Avocados, more than any other cutting in the kitchen, are responsible for lots of people heading to the emergency room each year. Some data we've seen indicates that there are over 1200 people going to the ER each day for kitchen knife injuries. Many of those instances come from using too much force with a dull knife. Avocado pits are one of the top culprit cuts.

Maybe you learned to cut an Avocado in 1/2 first and then to "stick" the seed with a knife. That's how many people do it. That's also how numerous humans cut their had with a knife.

Here is an alternative way. Simply cut the seed half in half again. This will make a total of 1 half and 2 quarters of an avocado. The seed will come out of the last quarter easily and you'll save yourself the risk of an Emergency Room or Emergency Department visit.

Now, back to all that tasty avocado toast or guac. Our favorite recipe has olive oil, salt, pepper, lime and red pepper flakes on a grill toasted hunk of bread that's had a butter/garlic mixture applied to both surfaces. Yum!

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