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    "You know, I just have to say… Thank you for never shaming me about my knives when I bring them in here. It really means a lot.” —Kim

    Knife Sharpening Services

    Vivront Sharpening Services Price List

    • Straight blade (e.g. chef knife, pocket knife) $10
    • Repair (e.g. broken tip, bow, chip, bolster) +$5
    • Serrated blade (e.g. bread knife, tomato knife) $15
    • Single Bevel $20
    • Scissor $15
    • Axe $20
    • Metro return by USPS $7
    • Inquire for additional services


    Check the Knife Shop page for hours, location and contact information.

    Vivront Knife Shop Storefront


    Most days we sharpen same day. Drop earlier in the day when possible. We'll text when they're ready. 

    Drop-offs also available for pickup the following day the shop is open if you'd like. 

    Dropbox service (like a dry cleaner):

    • Available 24/7/365 at the store
    • How it works: Grab a packing kit from the newspaper stand
    • Fill and drop in the dropbox by the front door 
    • We'll text you when they're done (include your txt number)

    Slice watermelon in a knife fitting

    Tuesdays for Industry

    Mention you work in a pro kitchen and receive a sharpening discount when sharpening multiple knives. Same day service on Tuesdays (in by 12:30 p.m., ready by 2 p.m.). Come with co-workers, demo knives with some produce, hangout, chat, get some tacos for lunch from our neighbors. Enjoy. See you on Tuesdays!  

    Schedule service for your kitchen (often once a month) with pickup and drop-off included. Send us an email to learn more. 

    Pineapple knife fitting

      Transporting Kitchen Knives

      Stop in and grab a Vivront box to make transport easier. Or, simply roll them in a towel, oven mitt or the like. Be careful. We'll see you soon. 

        Kitchen Knife Sharpening Drop-off

        Kitchen Shop

        An emphasis on Japanese kitchen knives is accompanied by a growing selection of kitchen wares and pantry items. More here

        Shun Dual Core Kitchen Knives

        Stay Home

        Mail 'em. Order knife sharpener service by mail here. We'll ship you a kit. Simply Pack and return with the pre-paid postage. Easy. 

        Sharpening Partners

        We partner with drop-off locations like butchers, hardware stores, coffee shops, and grocery stores with custom packaging and such. Learn more.

        Scheduled Sharpening 

        We partner with pro kitchens to sharpen their team's kitchen tools on a schedule. Send us an email to learn more.