Stay Vivront

Stay Vivront

Rental House Kitchen

Vivront goes with any kitchen - in any state in the US, with any set of knives. We wanted you to be able to see Vivront where it's really meant to be, in a home. 

So, we're partnering with great home rentals and their owners to supply sharp kitchen knives with Vivront. 


Renting a home with sharp knives

Select from two products for sharp knives during every rental.

1. Sharpening Subscription
Select your frequency and a knife mailing kit will arrive at your desired address. Simply fill it with the house's knives and drop them in the mail. We'll sharpen and return ASAP (3 days max per transit leg). Consider loaners so the house is never without kitchen knives. 

2. Rental Knives
We have a durable steel Shiro Hane (BD1N) set of kitchen knives for rentals. At your desired frequency, we'll ship a sharp set. Simply fill the package with the dull ones and return them.

Packages range from 3 to 7 knives.

Contact us for more information on rental knife packages.