Show Us Your Slices


Kitchen Knife Smooshing a Tomato

Knives go dull. It's OK. It's just how it is.

When your car tires lose tread, you get stuck at stop signs and start slipping on icy roads. It's dangerous too. It's similar to when your knives go dull. You start adding more and more pressure to your cuts and smoosh your food. It's not fun. 

Kitchen knife slicing a tomato

We're here to help you cook happy. 

Snap a picture or video of your dull knives cutting a tomato (or similar) in your kitchen and tag it #showusyourslices on Twitter for a chance to win free a sharpening service from

We select one lucky winner with the dullest knives each month. Winners receive one knife mailing kit (including postage) for up to 4 kitchen knives.* 

Don't want to wait

Don't risk it or put up with dull any longer. Order your kitchen knives sharpened by mail today. We'll send a mailing kit with return postage included. Fill it up and drop it back in the mail. Your knives will return with professionally crafted sharp edges in a few days. 

Happy Cooking!


* Only valid to USA addresses. Limited to one win per year per person. By opting in and sharing your photo Vivront gets rights to use that content in our marketing efforts.