We Love Home Cooks

Give your customers access to professional kitchen knife sharpening in their home. 

Delight your customers with easy professional knife sharpening by mail. 

The majority of households (+110 million in America) have dull knives in their home for food preparation. As a result, they do more smooshing and tearing than real cutting.

The fact is that finding, bringing and picking up knives from a sharpener is a waste of time for most; a hassle of an errand at best. We've forgotten what joy, predictability and safety sharp knives can deliver. Vivront makes professional sharpening easy.

Vivront for retail

With Vivront knife sharpening packages on your shelves, your customers will find it easy to professionally sharpen and keep their knives sharp. And, like our other customers who have sharp predictable knives in their homes, your customers will experience more joy in their kitchen, save time, eat healthier. They'll likely cook more often too.

You have the chance to be the retailer in your area(s) that introduces customers to this wonderful service. They'll likely thank you for introducing them to Vivront. And, if they are like our other customers they'll cook more and go to the grocery store more too. 

Vivront for the home cook

Vivront believes that like diapers, wipes, baby food, meal kits and everything else that can be purchased online, so also we should be able to have sharp kitchen knives delivered to our homes. Welcome to the sharp revolution. 

"We're so happy to have sharp knives again. It has been 15+ years since they were sharp. I've eaten 5 grapefruit in the last 2 days! —Avery

Easily stop juicing and smooshing food. 

Dull knives argue, with every cut, that someone else should be doing the cooking. We disagree. Home cooks deserve sharp knives too! 

How does it work?

Customers purchase the envelope from your stores, $9.99 MSRP. At home they pack their knives and complete their order with the enclosed code worth $15. They use, and the code inside to save $5 on their knife sharpening service. This offer is uniquely available from your store, not online. 

The customer then packs and drops their package in the mail, USPS. Professionally sharpened knives return to their mailbox in a few days. Viola. Sharp knives for the win. And, it's easy. 

How do we start?

Contact us for your wholesale purchase of envelopes, min order of 5. We'll ship you envelopes for vertical display. Typically grocers merchandise these packages in one of three places. One, near the meat counter. Two, near the produce. Three, near kitchen supplies. They can also be merchandised near checkout. 

We look forward to working with you and partnering to serve your customers. 

"If I knew that I had eight hours to chop a tree down, I would spend the first six sharpening my axe." –Abraham Lincoln

Thank you

Thanks for your consideration. As a gift, for considering and for reading this far, please make sure you get your free sharpening envelope for buyers. Contact Joseph. He'll get you squared away with your trial.