Grocers Increase Revenue & Happy Customers

Gross $5 on a single SKU

Increase foot traffic

Partner with America's Favorite Kitchen Knife Sharpener by Mail

~90% of America's kitchen knives have never been sharpened.*


Every week we dull our knives even more.

Home cooks jump at the chance to use an easy professional sharpening model by mail. 

Those who sharpen by mail sharpen every 9-12 months.

Professional Sharpening

  • Service serrated knives and kitchen scissors
  • Industrial machines and processes
  • Extensively trained sharpening staff
  • Exacting quality control

Let's make it easy.

Like, really easy. 

Grocers offer a sharpening service to customers by way of a knife shipping kit with a UPC.
[Like the proven Bagster model from Waste Management.]


Grocer Benefits:

  • Net ~$5 per sale
  • Customers purchase 1-3 times a year
  • Customers with sharp knives purchase more groceries - especially meat and produce


  • Fully insured service - including a satisfaction guarantee
  • Knives never come to the store
  • Staff never touch or service customer knives
  • Standalone point of purchase - not competing for shelf space
  • One UPC serves all customers
  • Increase customer service, customer loyalty + affinity, and build your brand beyond simple grocery
  • Grow customer relationships. Introduce a service that makes home cooking more enjoyable
  • Customers receive professional grade kitchen knife service in a few days without leaving their home all introduced by your brand


Path to Revenue

[Grocers typically have the product on the floor delighting customers and generating revenue in 2-4 weeks.]


  • Point of purchase and shipping packages
  • And/or signage for produce, meat and other departments
  • And/or a unique code for marketing/social
  • And/or cards for the top of service cases

[We love running in store "sampling" stations. Let's get our times on the schedule.] 

Example Point of Purchase 

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Learn more about a range of ways to partner on a new source of revenue for your store (e.g. codes, email, social, VIP, signage, packages in-store and distribution).

Moreover, partner with Vivront to improve our schools' meal programs, starting with eliminating student lunch debts.



*Survey by a German knife manufacturer regarding professional sharpening.