Grocers Increase Revenue & Happy Customers

Increase your store's grocery revenue and gross margin

Gross +$5 per item

Add Kitchen knife sharpening mailing kits to your grocery category mix. Purchase each unit for ~$3 and retail it for $9.99. Your customer will save that amount on their purchase at No catch. 

No expiration

Vivront kits don't expire. This reduces waste and increases margin

Save shelf space

Vivront kits don't take shelfspace in their own point of purchase that you can move in store based on season. Without the point of purchase kits often get merchandised atop of cases along with other homegoods, grilling or seasonal products. 

Increase foot traffic

~90% of America's kitchen knives have never been sharpened.* When your customers share the Vivront solution with their friends those persons will seek out Vivront at your store. 

Partner with America's Favorite Kitchen Knife Sharpener by Mail 

Like Bagster sells soft side dumpsters where home remodelers shop, so also you profit from a partnership with Vivront sharpening mailing kits in your product mix. 

Mailing knives?

Like they are shipped to local stores before purchase, we meet and exceed the USPS guidelines for safely shipping kitchen knives for sharpening.  We follow section 443 of the USPS Publication 5. Secure outer packaging in a strong custom container is included. Inner packaging is also provided that creates additional cushion. No marking that indicates the contents are placed on the outside of the mailpiece. 👍


Every week homecooks dull their knives more.

Home cooks jump at the chance to use an easy professional sharpening model by mail. 

Those who sharpen by mail sharpen every 6-12 months.

Professional Sharpening

  • Standard kitchen blades
  • Serrated knives and kitchen scissors
  • Via industrial machines and processes
  • By extensively trained sharpening staff
  • with exacting quality control

Let's make it easy.

Really easy. 

Grocers offer a sharpening service to customers by way of magic kitchen knife mailing kits, each with a UPC.
[Like the proven Bagster model from Waste Management.]


Grocer Benefits:

  • Net ~$5 per sale
  • Customers purchase 1-3 times a year
  • Customers with sharp knives purchase more groceries - especially meat and produce - and tell their friends


  • Knives never come to your store
  • Staff never touches or services customer knives
  • Standalone point of purchase - not competing for shelf-space
  • One UPC serves all customers
  • Fully insured - including a satisfaction guarantee
  • Increase customer service, customer loyalty + affinity, and build your brand beyond expected grocery items
  • Grow customer relationships. Introduce a service that makes home cooking more enjoyable
  • Customers receive professional grade kitchen knife service in a few days without leaving their home all introduced by you.


Path to Revenue

[Partners have the product on the floor delighting customers and generating revenue in 2-4 weeks.]

Training & Education

Optional training for stocking, checkout and other staff available. 



  • Point of purchase
  • Shipping packages
  • And/or signage for produce, meat and other departments
  • Optional advertising
  • Optional coupon code - social media, etc.
  • And/or cards, for the top of service cases  

      We love running in store "sampling" stations

      Let's get days and times on the schedule. 

      Example Point of Purchase 

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      Text, email or call: Say "Tell me about retail partnerships" 


      Learn more about a range of ways to partner on a new source of revenue for your store (e.g. codes, email, social, VIP, signage, packages in-store and distribution).

      Moreover, partner with Vivront to improve our schools' meal programs, starting with eliminating student lunch debts.



      *Survey by a German knife manufacturer regarding professional sharpening.